It is famous as Nagoya mezze but there are various variations.

About seven years ago, I went out to Shirakawago with my friend.

About seven years ago, I went out to Shirakawago with my friend. I would like to stay at a World Heritage site. That is the purpose of the trip. I wanted to stay at an old house with a straw climbing roof and a hearth. It is possible to go from Hida Takayama to Shirakawago by expressway for about an hour by using the expressway, but the highway has not opened seven years ago. It takes two hours and a half from Hida Takayama to go to Shirakawago using the general road. I think that it was a big adventure because it uses the hairpin curve many times in the mountain road as well. The world of old tales when you arrive. A house with a straw climbing roof, river sounds heard, river fish are swimming when you peep. The mind was healed just by looking. The inn is longing for the hearth. It seems to be the hearth which the owner of the inn is protecting for over 100 years. Meal to eat in a hall with a hearth. Regional dishes such as wild vegetables and vegetables stewed at the place were lined up. Among them, the impressive taste was ""Hobabisu"". It seems to be an indispensable dish in Hida region. The red miso sauce sweetly flavored with mushrooms and local vegetables was covered in big leaves called Houba and it was a dish that steamed on the spot. As vegetables are steamed, a miso's indescribably sweet smell pours in the room and pains appetite. When I opened Houba, I could feel a soft smell of soft grass. Miso is put on cooked rice and eaten. When you put it in a mouthful, you feel a sweet scent. Surely it will fit not only with rice, but also with miso of Tofu Tadakura, even if it is put on meat, it must be delicious. Is not it such as the universal seasoning of locals? It was a side dish which was eating in a nostalgic house, a rice cooker. Even though I try to reproduce it at home, I can not get Hoba. Shirakawago, a taste that can not be eaten unless it is Hida region. Someday again, this is the taste I want to taste with my family.

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