It is famous as Nagoya mezze but there are various variations.

Speaking of travel, the local meal will be main.

Speaking of travel, the local meal will be main. I love traveling in Okinawa. If it became Okinawa Tsutomu so far, I could find a shop that I can not taste that I can not see with a travel guide brochure etc. In Okinawa, there is a menu called ""Miso soup"" when entering ""dining hall"". Normally, speaking of miso soup, simple images such as ""Tofu and Seaweed"" and ""Onegi and Tofu"" come to mind. However, miso soup in the cafeteria of Okinawa is excellent. Anyway a lot! Of course, three meat, an island tofu, a lot of vegetables, eggs dropped in Dong Bon and hot miso soup, volume full mark. ""Pork soup"" is also completely different, ""Miso soup"" is made by the original of the dining hall. So, unlike 'Okinawa buckwheat' where you can eat anywhere, the contents of the contents of each canteen will also be different. So be careful here. If you order miso soup, rice will follow even if you do not say anything. So when ordering ""miso soup and rice"" etc, it is told that my aunt is saying, ""Because we are on the rice tomorrow, orders for rice are canceled"". At the beginning I did not understand the meaning at all, but after getting out I knew the meaning, I was amazed at that volume. Although I eat it several times, although the taste is different at each restaurant, the volume is the same everywhere. Shops listed in magazines, such as Okinawa's recommended spots, are almost aimed at tourists. If traveling to Okinawa, saying ""Please take me to a delicious dining room"" to a taxi driver, you may be brought to a hiding place as usual. ""Miso soup"" Please eat miso soup in Okinawa. It is my super push menu.

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