REVIEW: Bettie Page Wild ‘N’ Willing Wrist Cuffs


Price: $68.99

Brand: Lovehoney

Material: faux leather cuffs, stainless steel hardware

Diameter: 1″

Length: 10″ (for wrists 5″ circumference to 8″ circumference)

For some reason, these cuffs remind me of thick quilted armchairs in 1950’s casinos. The faux leather has a slightly grainier, thinner texture than real leather, but it keeps the cuffs vegan-friendly. The velvet lining is thick and very soft, making the cuffs very comfortable to wear. There’s a certain daintiness to the aesthetic of the quilted leather, in that they don’t look like typical heavy duty bondage cuffs. They feel a little more casual and, I think, could be matched with an outfit for the outdoor world if you’re feeling risky and feel they go with your look.

The hardware isn’t fantastic strength and I’m confident that if I played too rough with them, we would have an incident of “Ely smash” and some very sad cuffs. However, the D-ring easily rotates 360 degrees and the buckle is a good shape that even if you have the cuffs notched in one of the last holes (like me), the upward curve will ensure they stay on. They fit a decent variety of wrist-sizes, but for those with much thicker wrists, it would be best to measure yourself before buying, as they don’t have as great a variety as Velcro.

It also comes with a basic chain connector that feels to be about the same quality as the other metal parts, but they’re a dime a dozen and Lovehoney sells them too, if you would like to pick up a better quality one with the cuffs. It’s a decent length to be restrained by or to be grabbed by another party, but it could break if pulled on with any sort of genuine strength or accidentally during harder play.

When you first get them, the cuffs feel a little stiff but the faux leather is easily curved into shape and will keep itself pliable after a few uses, so they won’t pinch or dig into the skin when you start to move around.

I’m always a sucker for pretty packaging and the Bettie Page collection is the definition of pretty packaging. It feels luxurious, like you are definitely getting your money’s worth. It reminds me a lot of LELO, actually, with the thick cardboard box with velvet lining and silver lettering. The Bettie Page things come with a few extras and, while I can’t tell if it cheapens theĀ  aesthetic, I know others would love them — a keychain and little baseball-esque collector card.



Care and Storage

Being fake leather, the cuffs can be wiped clean with a damp cloth but take care to not store when damp and to keep in a dry, cool place until used again. Vegan leather is also much harder to stain than real leather, as well as being a little softer and comfier on the skin and joints.

The box would make a fantastic storage or a very pretty gift option.




Making a nice first purchase for a couples’ early beginnings in bondage, the cuffs are sexy, stylish, and nonthreatening but unsuited to heavier play or those who want a harder look. The free-rotating D-rings keep the cuffs flexible while the faux leather, despite not having that great leather smell to it, makes life simple by being easy to clean and vegan-friendly.

On the other hand, if you’re not too excited about the cuffs but are loving the aesthetic of them, Lovehoney has an entire Bettie Page line of kinky items (and two vibrators), all with a similar taste to them.


I received Bettie Page Cuffs from Lovehoney in exchange for an unbiased review of their performance.
Thanks, Lovehoney!

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  • spndinosaur

    They look so beautiful, I have to buy them for my boyfriend

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