REVIEW: Tantus Curve



Price: $50DSC02017

Brand: Tantus

Material: silicone

Features: strap-on compatible; body-safe material; anal safe; ergonomic base

Diameter: 1.37″

Length: 6″

Inspired by the shape of the human penis, it remains abstract enough to not alienate those who get creeped out by realistic silicone dicks. This head is a bit pointier, the cornoal ridge has been all but done away with, and there are a series of ridges along the top of the shaft. The curve that lends its name to the toy is very pronounced and meant to be seeking out the G-spot.

The silicone recipe is Tantus’s standard, meaning that it is fairly firm and can’t be compressed but the curve could still be straightened out. Inside, it feels very solid and little bend will happen, allowing you to apply hard pressure. It’s sleek, low on drag, and completely seamless.

The hearty teardrop-shaped base keeps Curve anal-safe as well as being pretty bangin’ in a strap-on harness. It’s exceedingly comfortable to hold and has little smooth indents for the thumb to hold while thrusting from either end (thruster or thrustee).

It’s available in Tantus’s Purple Haze (pale shimmery lavender), Midnight Purple (satiny plum), and standard Black.


My Thoughts

DSC02030I still don’t understand why I like it so much, but I really do. It’s not explicitly something that does great things to my G-spot or A-spot, but it just sits in me, doing it’s own little inch-worm thing and it’s great.

I feel like this dildo was designed in a laboratory run by experts in human sexuality (not “sexperts”) and was intended to be the most targeted dildo known to orifice.

I thought its size would be the easiest part about the toy, since I’m starting to… ahem… enjoy the girthier spectrum of toys, but the Curve poses a bit of an akward challenge. Even lubed up and aroused, the sudden firm curve doesn’t slide in easily, but it enjoys largely sitting still inside, as the curve makes it feel like it’s a bit bigger than it actually is.

Its G-spot stimulation is damn pinpoint and is so intense that I often can’t take this toy from warm-up to orgasm, despite its fairly punitive size. It’s just too intense at what it does and my poor bruised G-spot needs some time to catch up to the hard, pointy head. Thrusts that feel the most natural with Curve lead it to having the sharpest, most intense G-spot probing, while it takes some more effort to find angles that don’t lead to the stabby G-spot poking that I’m not terribly fond of. I get a lot more pleasure from the ridges and simply rocking the last ridge in and out is insanely good for such an unassuming toy. However, the pleasure DSC02033isn’t in the G-spot when it does this inch-worm thing. It’s more in my inner labia, enjoying the little bump.

During anal use, however, its stabbiness becomes a huge asset. It slips in like it was designed for the natural curve of my personal ass but I feel that stabby little point poke through the back of my vagina and reach something very nice indeed. I’ve normally shied away from using firm toys anally, but I really enjoyed it with the Curve. The firmness makes sure you really feel it but I found thrusting to be very awkward and preferred short, sharp rocks.

We do need to give some serious props to that base, though. In either orifice, it was extremely comfortable to grasp and thrust with, much more so than little discs or ball-shaped bases. The shape always made me aware of which way it was facing. The texture is a bit grippy, making it easier to use with lubey hands, and I’ve been told that the teardrop shape helps to keep the toy steady in a harness.


Care and Storage

Silicone has all the great bonuses of any body-safe material: non-porous, non-toxic, and free of latex, pthalates, and nasties. Cleaning can be done with regular soap and water or toy cleaner, but silicone can also be sterilized in a 10% bleach solution, boiling water, or a run through the dishwasher.

Without a storage bag, the Curve can live alongside any other 100% silicone toy and its hardness will keep it safe from most denting possibilities. You will want to stick to water-based lubes, or water-based anal for play, as silicone lubes can damage it.




I think I found a way to enjoy the toy that it wasn’t meant to be enjoyed with. The firm pressure and hard curve suggest pinpoint, thrusty G-spot stimulation. Thrusting still isn’t my jam with this toy, but rocking and wiggling feel fantastic either anally or vaginally, making this toy feel very versatile for its modest price point. Those who dislike hard curves, slimmer toys, and firmness should look elsewhere, but, for most people, it would probably be worth trying to snag the Curve in a sale somewhere.


I received the Curve from Tantus in exchange for an unbiased review of its performance.
Thanks, Tantus!

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