REVIEW: Tantus Anaconda



Price: $50

Brand: Tantus

Material: silicone

Features: 4″ long handle; extra hard density; body-safe material


Circumference: 5.5″

Diameter: 1.75″

Length: 7″

Looking at those numbers, the Anaconda doesn’t seem to be deserving of its description in the Tantus store:

The Tantus Anaconda is full of girth, muscle, and made for strong, powerful thrusting.

Sure, it’s a little thicker and the girth can be difficult for some, but it’s hardly the full-bodied snake the name invokes. Until you hold it in your hands. I was mildly horrified when I lifted the bag it came in. This toy, while not being nearly as weighty as glass, has some serious heft to it for silicone. It’s also hard. As in, “I couldn’t bend the shaft in half” hard. As in, “dual wield this with the Magic Wand to abuse Castle Doctrine“. There is little flex to the toy, there’s absolutely no give or squish. If I really put some elbow grease in, I can bend the shaft by about 20 degrees in any direction. This hardness is due to the handle; the toy would have to be hard enough for the handle to undergo some serious thrusting action.

Anaconda Hand

The toy has this matte rubber texture, like the rubber used on hand grips. The head, however, is very shiny. The Anaconda has a mostly realistic shape, with a slight bulge to the head, which has a few layers of skin folds at the base of the ridge, as well as a muscular ridge running down the underside. There are a few slightly pronounced veins on the shaft that can’t really be felt, but add to the look.

Now, about this handle thing… The shaft tapers neatly into the first of the handle’s grippy waves, which make keeping a solid hold of it easy and comfortable, even with lube and extraneous fluids working against you. The dildo can bend at the thinner handle quite a bit, to accommodate different thrusting angles without extraneous internal bruising. The dick-on-a-stick idea is also excellent if you have a disability or mobility issue, or even difficulty gripping small things, like the small disc at the end of many dildos.

I also received the Limited Edition Peacock Blue colour and, wowza, it’s pretty. It’s this pearly, glittery teal that is absolutely gorgeous. It also comes in the Tantus strawberry (a pearly pink), standard black, and a blue-purple twilight. Like always, with Tantus, expect to get it in a clear, 3-pane windowed box unless you order a Grab Bag, Closeout, or Limited Edition item, which come in big resealable silver bags, like astronaut ice cream.


My Thoughts

I have short arms. Like, weirdly short. It was a problem for me to really insert anything into me and it took buying my first sex toy to really experience penetration beyond about an inch. Even shorter dildos, like my all-time bestie Bandit can be a pain sometimes and I end up in awkward positions in an attempt to thrust like the piston on an old iron train, but instead start puffing and running out of steam.

My experience with the Anaconda has made me ask one very important question.

Why are handles not mandatory on all dildos?

I understand that silicone can be expensive or it would ruin the shapes of luxury vibes, but, honestly. A little extra length to hold would be peachy. Not too much, just another few inches.

The Anaconda has 4 inches of waved, grippy handle and is the first in a trio of Tantus handled toys.

There are three main categories toys tend to fall into. There are the thrusters, ones that are best utilized at high speeds with lots of lube. Then, the rockers, typically G-spot or A-spot toys that need to be shifted or rocked against the roof of the pussy. This snake, though, made me discover the third category: the Clencher. Capital C. Crushing. Wringing the life from its poor, dildo soul. Squeezing it like a python constricts its prey… and now the name Anaconda suddenly makes sense.

Um… wow, it’s hard. I remember looking at my beloved Bandit, longing for the squish, because it did feel like this Anaconda was a snake, threatening me with its bulbous, concrete head. But this turned out to be the perfect demonstration of the importance of densities in toys. While the Bandit and the Anaconda have almost identical dimensions, the Anaconda stretches me in incredible ways and sits there menacingly while I orgasm around it, while the Bandit pleasantly fills me and in its docile way, lets me fuck myself as hard and deep as I please.

Anaconda and Dice

The Anaconda’s primary pleasure, for me, comes from its firmness. I can feel it stretch me, no matter how much lube I’m swimming in, or how many orgasms I’ve had prior. My vagina is unused to such unyielding girths and, as someone who completely adores that feeling, this is a perfect toy for me to use for when I want that inexplicable full sensation. This makes it very hard to move and some serious concentration and control over my pelvic muscles to move it at all. However, when I do, I find it incredibly unpleasurable to thrust with, due to those small, unassuming ridges at the top of the head. Because the material is so hard and the ridges so thin, they feel sharp and almost like they’re scraping the roof of my pussy. With lube, my G-spot likes this harder stimulation, but after a few thrusts it feels insanely intense. It’s also nice at the peak of orgasm, to drive me further, but the Anaconda is, for me, predominantly a Clencher.

It’s a bit strange, but I feel like this toy almost would have done better without the handle. It feels wasted, like this one could’ve done with a pair of flat, weirdly realistic balls or a small disc base instead. For thrusting action, I probably would have done better off with a Goddess Handle or the Echo Handle, both of which have 1.5″ diameter of the same dense material and smoother textures. If you like textures more than straight shafts or want something that the handle will really come in handy for, the Goddess Handle or Echo Handle might suit you better. But, because of the hardness of this toy, if you get to thrusting speeds, I would be wary of the cervix. With something this hard, accidental bruising is a real possibility, especially without the toy having any cushioning in the head.

I wouldn’t exactly say this is “anal safe”, due to the little flare at the bottom being very small, but the toy is so hard and inflexible that I don’t believe the human body could anally accommodate such a toy for more than a few inches.


Care and Storage

Silicone. Hypoallergenic, non-porous, non-toxic, free of pthalates and latex, it’s the best material for sex toys. End of discussion.

Sterilizing can be done easily enough through boiling (3-5mins), rubbing alcohol, or bleaching (10% bleach-water solution for 15mins), but standard cleaning can be done with toy cleaners or antibacterial soap and water. Watch the ridges in the head, as they might collect gunk or soap bubbles. Using water-based lubes or water-based anal is key, because most silicone lubes will damage it.

Mine currently lives alongside my other silicone dildos, in a plastic drawer, but yours can stay in a plastic or satin bag.



“The wild Silicone Anaconda searches the frigid tundra landscape in search of its prey.”

The density of this toy is incredibly hard and provides a thick, filling sensation, despite its somewhat modest numbers.  The handle provides an elegant, practical option against useless, ill-designed balls but I find the sharper textures around the head make this toy better suited for clenching. Those who prefer rougher rides or thick toys might find this one perfect for the hard thrusting this handle was designed with in mind.


I received the Anaconda from Tantus in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
Thanks, Tantus!

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