REVIEW: Naughty & Naughtier Candy Heart Plugs





Price: $18 small, $20 medium

Brand: Blush Novelties

Material: silicone

Features: satin finish; anal safe; body-safe material; “candy heart” base

Circumference: 5″ small | 6″ large

Length: 3.25″ small | 3.75″ large

Both of these are fairly large and their size is very deceptive. They feel a lot smaller in the hand than they do in the ass, which can be exceptionally irritating. They have a basic butt plug cone-type shape that has a healthy slant to it, but the thickest part comes up mighty quick and I found it easy to press too hard, too soon and cause myself a great deal of unintentional pain.

Six inches is a lot of butt-stuffing. Like, it’s big.

The silicone has an almost lint- and drag-free satin finish to it. The body can’t be compressed at all and is very firm, but the neck has some unfortunate wiggle to it. It’s seam-free and they appear to be perfectly smooth; the edges of the heart are also rounded, in order to sit more comfortably between the butt cheeks. It feels like very high quality silicone and reminds me of LELO, honestly.

The packaging is clear, recyclable plastic cubes with some funky modern writing on it that encourages you to Express Yourself with candy heart butt plugs. Very indiscreet, but the cubes could be used for storage, if you like as they don’t come with bags.

They come in three colours, each size and colour having their own little “candy heart” message on the base. The smaller (“Naughty”) ones are a little tamer than the larger (“Naughtier”) ones.


Purple says “DO ME NOW”
Pink says “BE MINE”
Yellow says “SPANK ME”

Purple says “FUCK ME”
Pink says “RIDE ME”
Yellow says “FILL ME UP”

The messages are engraved into the silicone, which might require some scrubbing with a fine toothbrush, but they should mostly stay free and clean.


My Thoughts

I’ve never been intimidated by a pastel lavender toy before, but it’s nice to finally cross that one off my bucket list.

There are only so many silicone butt plugs you can look at and they all are very slightly different, so it’s hard to find one that has something genuinely worth talking about. They have slightly different slants, sizes, and bulb shapes, but are all generally soft cones with bases.

DiceHave you noticed the canary yellow? Have you seen that adorable little heart-shaped base? Don’t they just look like they’re standing with their feet pointing out? God, I squee over them.

Well, your mileage may vary on these. They could easily be seen as tacky, but I love the aesthetic and, if I could have them sitting on my desk as I type up reviews, I totally would. They have enough personality to pass as decorative desk figurines.

For me, I think the sizes are just grand. Neither of them are exactly a beginner size, but the small one would probably be a good second butt plug, while the large is obviously for someone who is more fond of and practiced in the art of butt plugs. For me, the small is good for most days and makes a fine warm-up for dildos due to the tapered end. I save the large for days and sessions that that’s all I want to do. Not all my masturbation sessions have a goal, but when I break out the purple Candy Heart, that one definitely does.


I’m a little ashamed to say that a pale lavender plug with heart-shaped feet intimidates me. It’s a struggle and involves me breaking out every lube in my collection and slathering them on my lower half, not to mention Lamaze breathing and excessive amounts of clitoral vibrations. I’ve only managed to take it twice and both times were a hefty struggle, but I love the feel of being stretched, not to mention the feeling of supreme accomplishment.

HandLike I said above, the slant on these cones is a bit steep and the the widest part comes up very quickly, making unintentional injury easy to achieve. Even though it’s a traditional anal mantra, I’ll repeat it here: With butts, you have to go slow and drown them in lube. The hearts fit well in my hands and are easy to keep a hold of when slippery.

Once they’re in, though, they’re very comfy. The heart isn’t too large that it points or hurts, but I would like the base to be a bit larger for safety’s sake. Due to the narrow neck, the base is big enough, but it’s the same size as the widest part of the plug. Just knowing that my ass is able to swallow the size that the base is makes me nervous, but I haven’t had an incident yet, even after using them during a rigorous masturbation session.


Care and Storage

Silicone is hypoallergenic, odorless, tasteless, latex-free, pthalate-free, non-porous, non-toxic, and non-reactive. It plays well with water-based lubes, or water-based anal but silicone lubes should be avoided, as they cause a melting chemical reaction with silicone toys.

Simple daily cleanings with soap and water are fine, but you must occasionally sterilize it through a 10% bleach solution, boiling, or running it through your dishwasher to prevent the silicone from trapping odors. The writing on the bottom might require toothpicks or a fine scrub, but should be mostly alright.

I have a silicone butt plug drawer, but you can have them live in Ziplock, orgazma, or satin bags.



Two of them
Everything the light touches is our kingdom. And everything the light doesn’t touch? That’s ours, too.

Massively, hugely, incredibly under-priced, the Candy Hearts are a very cute, unassuming pair of Big and Bigger butt plugs. Those who like the novel aesthetic or the whole idea of being “naughty” might take more to these than others, but the plugs are very well constructed and feel great internally. I don’t advise you try these if you’re inexperienced in anal, but the first one would be great as an intermediate plug while the larger is a healthy stretch.

I received the Candy Hearts from Blush in exchange for an unbiased review of their performance.
Thanks, Blush!

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