REVIEW: The Mini Rippler



Price: $56

Brand: Pleasure Works

Material: silicone

Features: anal safe; body-safe material; harness compatible; vibrating bullet hole

Circumference: 5.5″

Diameter: 1 5/8″

Length: 5.5″

When you hear “mini”, you’re first thought is normally “Good God, it’s Handgonna be for Tinker Bell”, but have no fear! Well… maybe a little. The Mini Rippler’s tapered cone shape makes the not insubstantial girth feel smaller, because most of it is more around a 5″ circumference. Either way, it’s still well within the range of a human penis.

This one isn’t exactly “petite”, but “stumpy” is probably the word I would use. The Mini Rippler’s most obvious feature is the rows of textured swoopy V’s that swoop from the tapered semi-realistic head and protruding about a half centimeter from the shaft of the toy. Overall, the toy has a few slightly realistic details, but is mostly an abstract strap-on compatible silicone dick. There’s a nice, smiley curve to it that slopes gently upwards and the base is an oval lined up with the top and bottom (more on that later).

The silicone is linty and is so grabby that running my dry hand over it gives me rugburn. Thankfully, though, it isn’t lube hungry. It has a nice shiny finish to it, but it’s not glassy.

It’s also hard. Like… this stuff is firm. Tantus types of firm, which is all kinds of unsquish. If I really put some effort into it, I can straighten out the curve, but forget about bending the shaft in half. Forget about compressing the head any amount.

There is a vibrating bullet hole in the base of the toy and it comes with a waterproof, single speed, mini-bullet that’s powered with watch batteries (3 included). I would label it buzzy, numbing, and fairly weak (3/10), but the hole is large enough to accommodate the We-Vibe Tango, so all is right with the world. Be warned: drop a little water-based lubricant into the hole once you manage to wrestle the bullet from the death grip of this hole (hint: you bend the dildo around and squeeze like a tube of toothpaste to get it out).

The colours are an eye-searing teal and the standard black, while the standard Rippler is either black or a deep wine red.


My Thoughts

I visibly cringed when I opened the package and the swoopy V-streaked toy fell into my hands. I’ve had issues with hard anal toys in the past and I was already writing another lukewarm review in my head before I had even tried it.

Turns out, you shouldn’t count your orgasms before they’ve hatched.

The Mini Rippler is fairly small for one of my toys. I ain’t a size queen (“she says with a small amount of uncertainty”), but I absolutely adore the stretch that accompanies the 5.5″ or 5.75″ circumference. I’m not a texture nut and, despite being the only person like this, I squirt far easier on soft toys than I do on hard ones. I’m also not a huge fan of internal vibrations.

The first few testings were as lackluster as I had imagined. Anally, I liked the gentle waves and swoops and the curve was great to press against my G-spot through the other side, but I had difficulties holding on to the base and thrusting was very minimal, which sucked because the magic feeling of this toy was feeling the swoops pass by my sphincter. It was not bad at all and provided me with some nice orgasms, but my short arms prevented me from really getting into it.

Then, one night after I sterilized it, I thought I might as well give it a go in my vagina. I mean, I had to be thorough, right? I actually laughed when I finally inserted it. It was small and needed very little warm up, felt a little narrow, but… wow. It was pretty damn good. The curve felt like it was built for me as it curled inside and the swoops twanged wonderfully against my G-spot. The thrusting was a bit rough internally, but my inner lips loved the swoops.

I’m not a huge texture-lover, but these swoops are different. Rather than just being straight bands around the shaft, they’re lopsided into V’s that slope at an angle to make penetration more comfortable. The bottom is almost textureless, just having the small point of the V to create this gentle warble, which is fantastic, since my vagina isn’t fond of bottom textures. The V’s are also very smooth and low, so they become less noticeable when more lube or arousal enter the equation.

And the vibrations… holy shit. I’m not a big fan of the little watch battery bullet, but while I was pressing the Tango against my clit, it would also tap the top of the oval base, which conducted the vibrations very lightly through the entirety of the short Rippler to rattle my G-spot, which loves rattly, rumbly vibrations.

I tend not to use the bullet holes iDicen toys, just because I would much rather have my precious Tango on my clit, but I decided to take the risk and slip it into the Chinese finger trap. After some fanangling, the vibrations kicked in, much stronger, with an unexpected bonus. The base, which is elongated into an oval shape, pressed on the bottom of my clit, a spot that I rarely (if ever) stimulate myself. The vibrations rumbled deeply through the nerve network of my clitoris without ever hitting my external button.

The result was an incredible dual-stimulation vibrator that refused to let me cum, letting me climb to the peak of the mountain and then edge for several minutes without any risk of cumming. Instead, I felt my fluids drip from around the toy as I rocked the last swoop in and out, nudging my G-spot with some of the middle swoops while the head stroked a place deep inside. Once I got wet enough, the texture really melted away inside and all I could feel was the popping swoops passing through my labia minora and, hot damn, those little pops are great.

While unexpected, I doubt this situation will work for everyone, but it was the major thing that made me really like the toy. There are other curved, silicone swoopy toys with bullet holes out there, but the reason the Mini Rippler is still sitting in my top drawer is because it can turn into this bizarre edging machine of glory.


Care and Storage

Silicone is a great material to make sex toys out of. It’s non-porous, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and latex-free. Since silicone reacts badly with silicone lubricants, stick to water-based lubes, or water-based anal.

You can give the toy an anti-bacterial soapy handjob in the sink for regular cleaning, but an occasional sterilization will keep everything healthy–boiling, bleaching in a 10% solution, or running through the dishwasher. Never boil or run it through the dishwasher while it still has a bullet vibe in it.

Without a storage bag, this buddy can live in a Ziplock, satin, or orgazma bag.




If, however, you aren’t a fan of texture, then this one probably isn’t for you. The size is a bit small, but Pleasure Works also makes a standard Rippler that’s a little larger if you would want to try that on for size. People with mobility problems or issues with their hands might have difficulty with the vibrating base, as well.

While a standard but interestingly textured dildo, the Mini Rippler’s vibrating base presses right at the bottom of my clit, providing intense stimulation without allowing me to cum. I like using this while watching porn or scrolling through tumblr, as it’s fairly maintenance-free. The swoops aren’t very prominent internally after enough lubrication, but can be felt in the entrance of either orifice. It turns me on quicker than most toys or porn I own, making it the best warm up ever or a more than decent G-spot vibrator all on its own.


I received the Mini Rippler from Good Vibrations in exchange for an unbiased review of its performance.
Thanks, GoodVibes!

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