REVIEW: Lovehoney Booty Buddy



Price: $16.99

Brand: Lovehoney

Material: silicone

Features: anal safe; body-safe material

Circumference: 2.75″ to 1.5″
Length: 3″ straight, 4″ total

While most butt plug shapes are designed to stretch the anus to a particular diameter, the Booty Buddy is mostly created with comfort in mind. It’s not a plug that’s used to warm up for larger toys or penises, but instead sits unobtrusively as the hook settles with the inner curve of the ass.

It’s particularly dainty, no larger than a thumb and even then tapering down to a smaller stem before flaring out to a long, thin bendy base that can be pulled tight against the body for comfort (and ensuring that your new buddy doesn’t get sucked up your lower intestines).

The silicone is also very smooth and soft, giving a satiny first touch. It’s also seamless and fairly bendy, with the base being able to (scarily enough) bend to the size of the stem. However, due to how it’s worn and used in play, this is very unlikely.

The packaging is standard white-and-gold Lovehoney branding, making it clean, smut-free, very indiscreet, and recyclable, as it contains only the thin cardboard box and a clear plastic bag that the Buddy sits in.

It comes in black and purple.


My Thoughts

There are basically two standard shapes for butt plugs, with a little variety and some real characters in between. There’s the cone and that weird curvy thing. This is the weird curvy thing and, even though it has a few very specialized uses, there is a place for it.

It’s just not for me.

Now, I’m just one person but the Booty Buddy (and what a fantastic name that is) is too small for me to physically warm up for anal dildos. It’s… wee. If you’re brand new to anal play and want something small to start off with, I would definitely recommend this, as it won’t slip out like most other beginner plugs. Narrow cone shapes are particularly prone to falling out, since there’s nothing for the anus to grab on to, but this hook will always stay in, making this easy, small and convenient for long-term wear. The hook is also designed to be able to press and gently stimulate the prostate.

Overall, this doesn’t really work for me. I enjoy wearing plugs in public, but found that the point or nubbin on the tip was just too, well… pointy. I felt like it stabbed me when I walked, but that might be because I don’t have the prostate for it to stimulate. However, the body remained comfortable

It was also a bit awkward to insert, but it felt very sleek inside and the general shape fit the inside curves well once it settled down.

While I penetrated my vagina, I could sort of feel it inside, but I didn’t get the same kind of anal pressure and stimulation I would get from using a regular cone-shaped plug. The main pressure I get is from the small tip, but otherwise, I couldn’t feel it unless I moved in particular ways, where I would get a little nudge that would tease but not allow me to feel satisfied. The long ski-like base also can touch the bottom of my slit, which could make penetration a little awkward. This plug is definitely more of a side dish than an orgasmic main course.

On the other hand, if you prefer light anal stimulation or are just starting out, this might be perfect for you to get used to, depending on how your anatomy is built. Unfortunately, most people don’t intimately know the shape of their anal canal, so it’s difficult to know if the point will probe you uncomfortably until it’s already in.

I also imagine that prostate-owners might get more use out of this than me.


Care and Storage

Silicone is a great material to make sex toys out of; it’s non-porous, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and is able to be sterilized. Daily play can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and water, but you should sterilize it on a regular basis (10% bleach solution, boiling, or running it through the dish washer).

As it is silicone, though, it will only play nicely with a good quality¬†water-based anal lubricant, since silicone lubes will damage the toy. Oil-based (such as all-natural coconut oil) will work better for long-term wear, as it won’t get absorbed by the body like water-based would.

Without a storage option, the Buddy can live in Ziplock, organza, or satin bags.




While not having any major faults, it just doesn’t work for me. My own anal preferences (even in longer wear) include really feeling something back there, rather than having a light reminder. But, if you want a gentle introduction to anal play that feels natural in your body (and potentially stimulating your prostate), or just an unobtrusive plug to accompany vaginal penetration, then the Booty Buddy might work better for you.

I received The Booty Buddy from Lovehoney in exchange for an unbiased review of its performance.
Thanks, Lovehoney!

Buy At These Sites

Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney US

Right now, you can also get the Black Booty Buddy half off in the Lovehoney clearance sale (here for the UK site), or you could use their 2 Butt Plugs for $25 / 2 Butt Plugs for £15 .


  • Lavender

    Thanks for the review!!! I’m a total beginner anal-wise and struggle to find toys that’ll stay in while Sir and I go out or for walks etc so this sounds perfect for me <3

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