REVIEW: Tantus Gary O2




Price: $109

Brand: Tantus

Material: dual density silicone

Features: body-safe material; anal safe; dual density silicone; harness compatible (1.5″ O-ring)

Circumference: 5.5″

Diameter: 1.5″

Length: 7″

When I first picked it up, I was a little surprised at the slight V-like shape to it. The head is obviously the thickest section, but there was an almost straight line from the top to the bottom by the base, where it was the narrowest before flaring out to the Tantus-stamped base.

SquishThe dimensions are fairly standard for my dildo collection (as well as their real-life counterparts — the human penis) and shouldn’t be a stretch for those new to sex/sex toys, but the head is very blunt and might not be best for someone new to penetration.

It’s a cock. That’s about as blatant as I can be with its description. It’s an insanely detailed cock, though. There are a series of smooth veins around the shaft that aren’t too noticeable in penetration. The head is thick and features a fernulum and urethral slit, while it’s just peeking out of the foreskin, which has been peeled back to create these thick ridges and skin folds, which keeps the head’s size and the V-like shape.

There is a wonderful amount skin texture detail that runs over the entire toy, from light folds in the head to the sort of scaly/liney lines you can find on your own skSizein if you peer hard enough. It’s absolutely incredible.

Tantus O2 has a very characteristic feel. Being dual-density, it is a soft outer layer of silicone around a harder inner rod, which works to keep the dildo from getting too floppy. The harder rod doesn’t extend into the head, though, giving the head a much squishier squish to it than the shaft. There’s a very draggy, matte finish to it, too, giving it an almost chalk-like feel to it when dry (easily fixed with a bit of lube). The O2 is by far the hardest dual-density I’ve tried, the head squishing to about a quarter its regular size and the shaft only having a millimeter or two of squish to it. Like all dual-densities, it bends and wiggles happily but definitely has more of a weight to throw around.

The box is the white cardboard/plastic Tantus box. Cute, bubbly, simple packaging. It’s not subtle by any means and I don’t find the two-part plastic mold tray convenient storage, so it was in the recycling for me.

The colours in the series are Tantus’s Cream, Cocoa, and Mocha, all three of them realistic flesh tones with Cream being very pale and Mocha very dark. I got Mocha and I’m actually a big fan of the dark flesh colour.


My Thoughts


But, fantastic Fallout references aside, Gary confuses me and my vagina. By all rights, I should be jumping for joy over this guy. There’s a very slight curve and the silicone is very dense, making this theoretically perfect for my G-spot, but the texture befuddles my pussy.

However, it seems to be fantastic in all the ways I didn’t plan.

That head, tho… Such blunt.

When I first tried it, I was mortified, thinking I was going to have to write a lukewarm review of my first O2 toy for Tantus. It didn’t feel bad, per se, but there was this thing that wasn’t jiving with my innards and this thing is called texture. The underside of the head/shaft is fairly heavily textured, more so than I’m used to, and it was irritating me. I wasn’t exactly in pain, but it was uncomfortable and the orgasms were substandard.

My vagina is, apparently, much pickier than I thought.

But then, then I did what I usually do with my other, longer toys but I had been afraid to do with Gary after comparing the relative squish factors of it and my Bandit. I pressed it all the way to the end (probably 6.5″) and prayed that I wouldn’t stab my cervix. Normally, my cervix isn’t particularly adverse to being poked or prodded by my other toys, but an early masturbatory experience with a glass toy makes me very apprehensive of deep penetration with firmer toys. Not only did I find out my cervix is a-okay with Tantus O2 squishiness (good to know), but I found a Thing and I have been acutely reminded that, compared to many others, my masturbation techniques are pretty much on cavemen level, while others are building rocketships to Pluto.


I think it’s called the A-spot. And the only reason I think this is because Girly Juice likes talking about it as one of her big erogenous zones. (We really need to start talking about “obscure” pleasure centers. It’s not that obscure, though–all vagina-owners have it.) While it isn’t as in-fucking-credible as my G-spot, this spot really, really likes being stroked. And, while the skin folds on the head aren’t nearly enough for my G-spot, they’re perfect for the A-spot. The A-spot, like the G-spot, is a bundle of nerves on the front or top vaginal wall, but the A-spot is a fair bit deeper and located very near the cervix. It feels a little bit like G-spot stimulation, but without giving me the side-effects of squirting (“need to pee”, extreme wetness), but it sets off different pleasure switches in my head. It’s new but very enjoyable. Hard thrusting isn’t on the menu for it, but just a gentle rocking back and forth. It’s also super intense, almost too intense sometimes, which makes much slower thrusting or twisting incredibly pleasurable.

Suddenly, I was able to notice all the other really nice things about this dildo. The great pop that comes from the thick, long, blunt head moving in and out; the apprehension of my GHead-spot getting the faintest big of irritating attention (not nearly enough to really spotlight a masturbation session, but a good side dish) only to be followed up by this deep spot sigh. The bottom wall of my pussy is still uncomfortable with the texture, but a thicker lubricant (and liberal applications of it) mostly cover this little issue.

Personally, I found this toy both really great and really strange for anal play. Since most of the texture is concentrated in the head and upper shaft, it doesn’t need to penetrate very deeply to get the full use out of this toy’s uniqueness. The O2 formula is also flexible enough to bend comfortably but remain very firm internally and retain a solid grip on the base outside. What made this toy so strange anally, though, was the blunt head. Once it was in, I could feel the texture and the thickness and density were great, but the lack of a tapered head really hampers anal play in the beginning. Warm up with something else (such as fingers or tapered butt plugs) would be necessary first, as well as a lot of lubricant.


Care and Storage

Silicone is wonderful. Silicone is grand. Tantus blend silicone is also some of the highest quality in the industry and takes very little maintenance. Regular vaginal use requires only soap and water for clean up, but if you want to use between partners or use it anally, then a sanitizing is needed. A soak in a 10% bleach solution, boiling, or a run through the dishwasher on “sanitize” cycles will do this for you.

Only water-based lubes, or water-based anal lubricant; avoid silicone lubes, as they can damage silicone toys. I felt the water-based anal (also known as “gel” sometimes) is most comfortable, since my pussy isn’t fond of the underside’s texture.

While Gary can live alongside other 100% silicone toys, he is a hefty lint-collector and would be better kept in a Ziplock, orgazma, or satin bag.



Close Up

A unique shape for a dildo to take, I enjoyed most of it nonetheless. Those with aversions to realistic dildos might not feel the same way. The texture may be hit or miss, though, and before spending around $100 on a sex toy, it would be best to determine on which places your orifices do not enjoy heavier texture. On the other hand, this is a fairly average-sized, high quality, very realistic dildo that suited me and my orifices very nicely.

I received Gary from Tantus in exchange for an unbiased review of its performance.
Thanks, Tantus!

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