REVIEW: Blush Real Nude Sumo



Price: $55.99Packaging 2

Brand: Blush Novelties

Material: dual-density silicone

Features: body safe material; suction cup; anal safe; harness compatible

Circumference: 6 2/8″ head | 5 2/8″ shaft

Length: 9.5″ total | 6.5″ insertable

Realistic-ish detail
Realistic-ish detail

I am seriously in love with this design. There’s a touch of realism to it, the Sumo has all the features of the flesh-and-blood counterpart–there’s a defined head, urethral opening, corneal ridges, muscled shaft, testicles–but all of it is designed with a very smooth, light touch. There’s a cartoony aspect to the entire toy, right from the slight upward curve of the chunky head to the hefty single-balled (uniball?) base. Even the urethral opening at the top is more of a smooth divot or crater than a slit. At rest, the toy has a vague S shape to it, with the head flaring up and the base flaring back.

The silicone is a little sticky (much like Vixskin), and therefore a bit of a draggy lint-grabber, but the toy has this thick, almost Play-Doh-like feel to the finish. I got mine in a colour that reminds me vaguely of uncooked chicken breasts, called Almond. In a refreshing twist, the colour counterpart, done in a darker flesh tone, is not coffee-themed but called Toffee instead. To go all out cartoony, I would have liked to see neon or marbled colours or at least more realistic colours, because there’s a lot of the population not represented by Almond or Toffee.

Despite having some give to the silicone due to its dual-density formula, this toy does not have small dimensions and will likely be a healthy stretch for the average occasional dildo user, but a little small for size queens. If you would like something a little smaller, then the Real Nude line continues into smaller sizes.

The packaging is glossy, hippie-colourful, and requires a pair of scissors. Beware of the soft silicone near the sharp implements, lest you dent or cut through it! It could have been designed better, but the appearance is eye-catching and fun.

Urethral crater
Urethral crater

The toy also claims to be harness compatible but, between the not insubstantial weight, the gap between the base and the suction cup, and very wide O-ring you would need, your strap-on cock would be floppy and not very comfortable. But, there it is, it will work.

The suction cup is ungodly strong, able to stay on my painted walls and get slapped around and pulled with all the weight I dared. If necessary, it could probably double as a toilet plunger on its days off. But… no, don’t do that. No, seriously. You can disinfect it all you want after, but it’s just icky. It also definitely stands up to doggy-style or (if you’re into it) blowjob sessions, which are much more appropriate uses of superhuman suction cups.


My Thoughts

That is a fantastic name for a dildo. The Blushing Sumo. The Sumo Blusher. That’s such a fantastic name for a dildo, I’m amazed no one thought of it sooner, but the toy definitely stood up to the reputation of its marvelous name-giving.

I was absolutely thrilled when this arrived in the mail. I immediately stuck it on the wall and started testing out the suction cup. Having a nice, squishy, rideable dildo was a new thing for me, and I wanted to make sure it would stand up to some abuse. Turns out, the Sumo could also work great as a punching bag because, as a novelty for suction cup toys, it stays on! No matter what I did to it, on my sloppily painted walls, it hung on, wagging back and forth at me like a happy dog’s tail.

Scale 2Being dual-density, it has a firm inner core to prevent flopping and a soft outer coating for cushiony, more comfortable, or more “realistic” sensations. Blush calls their dual-density “Sensa-Feel” and their dildos in the line are the Real Nudes. As far as dual-density silicone goes, it’s a fair bit squishier than Tantus O2, but much harder than Vixskin. If Tantus was a 0 and Vixskin a 10 on the scale of squish, I would give Blush a solid 6. The head, like other dual-density toys, has no inner core, but its density is very much like the Vixskin shafts, able to be squished to about half its size. The shaft, on the other hand, has only about a centimeter of coating, making it much firmer to the touch.

SquishI was very surprised when I lubed it up for the first time. Normally toys with drag or linty ones tend to absorb lube and need a lot, but this one needed lube like glass toys; a thin coating and it feels almost mirror-smooth. I was very intimidated by the girth and general size, but, after a little warm up with a smaller dildo, the head slipped in with a noticeable pop and I instantly smiled. This silicone, unlike any other dildos I have, except perhaps the Tantus Silks, is completely free of texture on the shaft. There are a few muscle waves that look almost like racing stripes (and might as well be, for all the anatomical sense they make), but the silicone almost feels polished to a glass level of glorious smoothness.

This makes the toy not only feel smaller than its formidable numbers say, but be far more comfortable for thrusting. The penetrative pop is pronounced enough to feel fantastic and the head thick enough to really drive the penetration, but not so hefty that it’s uncomfortable. In fact, it’s so comfortable that I might have bruised my cervix in that last testing. The head’s squish isn’t quite enough cushion to protect from rigorous thrusting, but the suction cup and the gap between the cup and the base of the toy is just the perfect handhold. Given its impressive length, it almost acts as a handle, to make thrusting action easy, no matter the position or length of your arms.


The length also has another benefit I hadn’t even thought about when buying. It makes riding it far more comfortable. There isn’t this need to go “balls deep”, because the toy is long enough to not having to ride all the way back up against the wall. I found out the hard way that porn stars make this look easy.


Care and Storage

With this toy, there is one extra consideration to take into account. The squishy layer of dual-density that is oh-so-delicious is also dentable. That means your fingernails, sharp corners, or teeth can leave permanent impressions. Be good to your dual-density and keep it away from sharp objects.

As this is silicone, the Sumo should only be used with only water-based lubes, or water-based anal if you prefer the extra cushion or want to use this for anal play. Silicone lubes can permanently damage Sumo, causing it to melt or deform.

Standard warm water and soap or toy cleaner can be used for everyday, but silicone can be sterilized by boiling, submerging in a 10% bleach solution, or rubbing alcohol.

Blush is also thoughtful enough to include a microfiber bag for storage, so, use it!




A very cool stylized realistic dildo that manages to make itself stand out from the pack with its unusual dual-density qualities–slick like glass, but lightweight, thick, and squishy like your favourite silicone. The slick girth is a good introduction to thicker toys, but those with smaller orifices may want to look away. The lack of texture is also something I absolutely love, but real texture-sluts might not be sold on the whole idea of “mirror smooth” that I’m crazy about. It might not be my go-to dildo, but the insane suction cup means it will always have its place in my drawers.

I received the Sumo from Blush Novelties in exchange for an unbiased review of its performance.
Thanks, Blush!

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