REVIEW: Lovehoney Bionic Bullet T-Bar Butt Plug




Price: $26.99 small | $28.99 medium | $32.99 largeBox

Brand: Lovehoney

Material: silicone plug, ABS plastic bullet

Features: anal safe; body safe material; vibrating bullet hole; comes with bullet

Circumference: 3.5″ small | 4.5″ medium | 5.5″ large

Length: 3.5″ small | 4″ medium | 4.5″ large

I only bought the Large one myself, but have handled the Medium size as well.

These plugs have a slightly more tapered shape than the standard “triangle bell” butt plug cone, making gradual insertion and warm-up much easier with a “one plug fits all” mentality. While normally I need warm up with a smaller dildo or fingers, the large one can have me completely ready because the girth is added so gradually. Also, there isn’t this sudden “jump” at the end that some butt plugs have, where, after you get 95% of the way by slow, enjoyable penetration, you resort to some Lamaze breathing and a hard push. It just keeps slipping in.

The necks are long enough that the plugs can nestle comfortably deep inside and the T-bar is more than enough to prevent traveling. This plug also has a hole that a vibrating bullet can be placed and it comes with one, too. While the bullet is inserted, it’s a little more difficult to sit or do regular things, but the arms and base remain hard and sturdy enough to keep it anal safe, even when the bullet is removed.

Small, Medium, Large

Lovehoney’s silicone toys are fantastic, both in general and for the price and company that comes with them. The silicone is smooth, flexible, silky, and matte, nearly seamless and the one seam that can be seen cannot be felt internally. The packaging is plain and simple, nothing exquisite but very approachable and it contains a small leaflet on the product.


My Thoughts

It’s nice, but definitely isn’t as rockstar as I thought it would be. Compared to the Lovehoney Classic Plugs, this one has a few more bells and whistles, but they don’t add to the toy for me. Thankfully, the bells are removable.

The plastic bullet feels cheaply made, with thin plastic, and the silicone tip popped off for me a few days after use, while the ring around the base of the cap also has a tendency to come loose or be lost. It’s also everything I expected from a single AAA-powered vibrator, buried deep in a silicone plug. It’s small, faint, buzzy, and I wouldn’t want it on my clit. The silicone dampens any vibrations to the point where I heard them more than I felt them. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to remove and the toy rattles magnificently with the Tango, from tip to T-bar. It’s not a sensation I’m overly fond of, though, but it works if vibrating plugs are your thing.


The T-bar also tends to get uncomfortable. Rather than just being a basic straight bar, the toy curves, obviously intended to nestle and settle against the body. This, however, doesn’t work on me and ends up digging in because the silicone is so dense. The rounded tips become grating during longer sessions and outright painful past the 30 minute mark, so this definitely isn’t a toy for long-term wear or use, or even really extended playtime.

If you want to get the set, there’s a nice size graduation from each one, making anal play easy to get used to, even if you’ve only played with fingers. The silicone is fairly dense, so there isn’t much compression and the plug delivers a delicious feeling of fullness. It’s also slightly longer than other butt plugs I own, which might throw up red flags with a few people who like their plugs short. The tip is very flexible, which is a bit annoying when trying to push it (the harder something is, the easier it is to play with anally), but it makes the length feel less noticeable when it starts to nudge past the length preferred for butt plugs.

The gradual taper also has another bonus that I didn’t notice the first time I used it. Sometimes, while wearing anal plugs, I also like to use a dildo in my pussy for DP action and when the butt toy has a sharper angle, the dildo can sometimes catch or rub on it too hard through the thin wall between my holes. With this toy, the taper is slight enough that, while it tightens my vagina and I can feel the stimulation on that thin wall, there isn’t any internal discomfort like there often is. This could also likely apply to PIV or strap-on vaginal sex.

It’s more than a decent plug and I’m particularly a big fan of the shallow tapered shape, but there’s a few key issues here that could be fixed to make it a real stand-out. Most plugs have a very steep angle that the girth increases at, which can be rough to someone just beginning anal play or even an experienced anal fan coming to it cold, but this offers the same end girth of 5.5″ at a much more manageable rate, with the T-bar handle being fantastic for gripping and keeping control of the motion.


Care and Storage

Silicone has the most important aspect for butt toys: sterilization. You can give it a wipe-down with either rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution, but you have to remove the bullet before cleaning. The toy is not said to be waterproof, which is entirely because of the bullet. A hunk of Lovehoney’s standard silicone is most certainly boil-proof, which is my preferred way of sterilizing.

Use a quality water-based anal lube only, because silicone will bond with silicone and begin to dissolve the toy. Seriously. It’s not pretty.

While this doesn’t come with a fancy schmancy bag, you can give it dignified storage in a different satin or orgazma pouch (Lovehoney has some for cheap), but a Ziplock bag will service just as well.




A good hearty butt plug that does what it says on the tin, as well as having a few extra bonuses if you’re into them, but the T-bar construction can make having it sit inside uncomfortable depending on the build of your body. The slow, gradual taper makes it perfect to use without a warm up, while the respectable girth prepares the ass for larger toys, dildos, or even flesh-and-blood cocks. Overall, a toy with flaws, but with solid craftsmanship for the price and, in my opinion, the flaws are worth putting up with.


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