REVIEW: Lovehoney Juicer Butt Plug



Price: $26.99

Brand: Lovehoney

Material: glass

Features: raised bumps; body-safe material; juicer handle

Circumference: 4.5″

Diameter: 1.75″

Length: 6.5″ long | 4.25″ insertable

By far not the largest butt plug I have, or even the largest glass one I own, but glass is a very hard material and I’ve found the harder something is, the larger it feels inside. The raised dots increase this size feeling. The taper on the tip is just the perfect size for insertion, neither too blunt or slim. The strange, elongated shape is an unusual design decision for a butt plug but provides more surface area for the dots, which are faintly tinted purple and pink. There is also a ring of dots on the base, pressed against the anus. On the bottom, there’s this little hand-crank thing, used to juice the wearer of said glass plug, stimulating them with the bumps.


It comes in the traditional Lovehoney box design, but their glass products are wrapped in a packing material in the box to protect it from damage. It also comes with a 12″-long velvet carrying bag with hot pink drawstrings. There was this weird pink femme theme going on for such a unisex toy and it was making me cringe a bit. The bag is obviously too large for the toy, but so long as the glass is cushioned in storage and you aren’t playing catch with a hardwood floor, it should be just fine.


My Thoughts

Apparently, glass bumps and me just don’t get along. Either they’re so small and subtle they get swallowed up by lube or they’re like… this. This toy is another cost-effective Lovehoney glass toy from their “Sensual Glass” line, which have all the bare necessities and promises of glass — mirror-smooth surface, high-quality design, simple clean up and long lifespan — but manage to elicit a lukewarm reception from me.

It looks pretty, which is about the greatest compliment I’m going to give this toy. It’s very pretty, in fact, with the faint splashes of colour and Lovehoney symbol on the bottom. But… well, the bumps were definitely stimulating. On insertion, the nubs were actually painful. There was too much of a jump between the shaft and the raised dots and the material far too hard for my sphincter to enjoy it. It felt like driving down a pothole-filled road and every bump made me go “Oh — ow — ouch — fuck”. The pain was like undergoing a medical probing by a very inexperienced doctor, not any sort of pain that belongs in a bedroom.

A heart and a handle
A heart and a handle

Once it was actually in there, I started to maybe see the benefits of anal glass toys. It was rock hard and straight but not too long to jam into my body, while the nubs exerted a nice, patterned pressure. While I still liked the silky smooth, completely filling sensation of my silicone plugs, I managed to appreciate the juicer with a few mild-mannered orgasms. With a small smile on my face, I had decided it was worth a $25 price tag and worth it with a little use of Lovehoney’s liberal sales, but then I committed myself to try “juicing”. I warmed myself back up and reached a hold of the handle and began to turn.



Plz. Don’t.


“For extra stimulation!”

All the sharp, uncomfortable pain that feels like it belongs more in a bad medical exam than sexy times came back with a vengeance. Now, it wasn’t just my sphincter protesting (although my anus did kick up a fuss about those dots on the base), but my delicate anal lining as it was ground and juiced.

I am now and forever more cautious about the phrase “for extra stimulation”. It’s such a grab-all sugary phrase that says literally nothing, so let me correct it. The bumps are raised about a half centimeter (quarter inch-ish) and are in a repeatable pattern over the shaft. They’re completely inflexible and are not a sloped or gradual texture.

They are also not for me. Others might find the hard texture a great, rougher feeling, especially coming from a toy that looks so dainty, but I like my butt to be seduced with candlelit dinners and sleek fullness.


Care and Storage

While glass is cool with any lube, you will want either silicone or water-based anal lubes for anal play. Silicone is cushier and longer-lasting, but may be a pain to clean without soap. Since this is a butt toy, make sure to sterilize it from time to time, with either boiling in a cushioned pot, wiping down with rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution, or even putting in an empty dishwasher on the “sanitize” cycle.

Glass, especially the nubs and handle, might crack or break, so make sure to inspect it before play and throw it out at the first sign of breakage. To avoid, try to be gentle with it and store it in a safe, cushy place where it won’t get knocked around. While it’s not particularly attractive, I keep mine in a balled-up winter sock within the velvet bag. It does come with a foam wrapper, but it ripped on me while unpacking.




Juice is a great word to describe sex. Juicy can refer to orifices engorged and ripe with lust. Juicy can also be a great feeling, when said orifices are slick, drippy, or soaked with fluids.

This plug does not “juice”. It wrenches the insides when turned, but otherwise, it’s good. It gives a nice sensation half the time and with some solid, thick, cushiony lubricant, it can provide some nice anal stimulation and orgasm assistance. It’s also cheap and Lovehoney often has hefty deals on their own brand’s items, which are none too shabby, with some solid 6’s, 7’s, and some great hidden gems sometimes.

It does not juice me. Then again, I have a delicate, new rear end. Those whose asses are more on the “texture slut” spectrum or who have a fondness for rougher masturbation might find the texture to be more to their liking.


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  • Lisa

    I like the look of this alot but I’d be concerned of it falling out. Or would the bumps help with that?

    • PurpleElysium

      If the bumps would, I would think that would cause a fair bit of pain, but I think the weight and rigidity would cause more of a problem. It stays in fine during play, but would definitely vacate the premises if you stood up with it inside.

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