REVIEW: Vixskin Bandit




Price: $100

Brand: Vixen Creations

Material: dual density premium silicone

Features: “realistic” balls; body safe material; harness compatible (2” O-ring); anal safe; lifetime warranty

Circumference: 5.5”

Diameter: 1.75”

Length: 7.25” long / 6” insertable

With these dimensions, the Bandit is well within the realm of realistic sizing. It has a decently pronounced head, but the material is squishy enough that it won’t catch on the pubic bone or otherwise cause a nuisance. Looking more closely, there is a lot of almost unnoticeable skin and texture detailing, with a few subtle veins that add more to the realism factor.

The entire toy is flexible, able toBody squish bend in half (sorry for that mental image, penis-owners) and wobble when shook but return to its natural, curved shape. Made of Vixen’s dual-density Vixskin silicone, it feels realistic with a good amount of give and squish but has a solid inner core, aside from the head, which is all squish.

The Bandit has the weirdest set of balls I’ve ever seen, and that’s stretching to be the only con I have about this toy. They’re about 1.25” long, with a flat, shiny back to them. However, they make a good handle for thrusting action. Due to these balls, the toy is also anal safe, but they may pose an issue to strap-on harnesses not designed to accommodate them. If the harness can, then Vixen recommends a 2” O-ring, but without a harness myself, I can’t test that. I can say that if I had a cock, I would want it to be this one. The dimensions give it a chubby look with a narrow head that flares out the shaft’s standard girth.

And just look at that squish!

It comes in vanilla, caramel, and coffee colours, and the box is plain, clear plastic with a black banner bearing “VIXSKIN, WORTH EVERY INCH” in big. Block. Letters. Not very subtle, but definitely an economical storage option.


My Thoughts
Side angle

The first draft of this review used the word “squish” 17 times. It’s my favourite aspect of this toy and completely made the triple-figure price tag worth every penny. The above pictures can’t properly describe just how luscious, plush, and squeezy (thank you, Thesaurus) it actually is and no picture can say how this type of material feels inside.

Due to the give the material has, your walls can grip it but still feel stretched with the solid core. It keeps its shape while thrusting hard so the orifice still feels fucked and because there is this cushion, you really can go all out with abandon, without fear of bruising. The curve of the shaft is slight, but it will still bend to your body’s whims without concern, almost telepathically helping to fill all the right places.

Vixen are a very well known company for their quality and professionalism and they’ve produced one of the best things I might have ever seen. I know other companies produce similar materials, but I haven’t had the pleasure of sampling their own dual-density silicone dildos. All I know, is that Vixskin (their name for the dual-density silicone) feels squishier than jelly. I have found my soul mate. And it is a Bandit. And I am so tempted to make a joke about train robbing, but I will abstain.

Head squishIt’s also exactly the same dimensions as my former jelly comrade (who is now melted in a Ziploc bag into the consistency of half-set Jell-O, disposed of at my university’s dumpster), my first beloved sex toy who turned on me with typical porous behaviour of harboring bacteria and growing mold.

Despite the faintly tacky feeling of this toy out of the package, it only requires one nice coat of water-based lubricant and doesn’t devour it like other silicone toys tend to. It’s squish makes the girth a wonderful sensation, as it curves to the shape of your walls than sticking in the same mold-shape it was made in, but it still has a hardness and definite shape to penetrate with. It doesn’t just squish into a floppy mess.

Dual-density silicone is a gift from the Gods, I swear. I am struggling to find words to convey how much I love this toy and material. It’s the perfect size to comfortably fill me from inner lips to cervix, allowing me to squeeze and clamp down on it to my heart’s content. The head is pronounced enough to broadly glide across my G-spot without feeling like it’s stabbing me or giving me the disconcerting “need to pee” sensation. It also managed to give me my first G-spot orgasm. No squirting, but I could definitely feel it coming, an orgasm that felt like it was pulling from my G-spot. Had I pushed harder or the head was made of the same density as the rest of the toy, I probably would have. Because of the uber-softness of the head, I could thrust hard and fast, angling it up to reach it and had the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever experienced. The soft head also makes bumping the cervix not nearly as traumatizing as it would be otherwise.

With the realistic sizing, texture, and form, this really is a cock’s cock. If realistic dildos freak you out, then this one might really take the cake. Silicone is also mildly temperature sensitive, meaning it will take on your body heat (or the heat of hot water, so beware with boiling), which is a great feeling. Everything about this toy just makes me and my body smile.

Balls up (simulating doggy style), the pronounced curve was a little uncomfortable, but the ridge on the underside stimulated the upper wall of my vagina a lot more. Pointing the balls downward (ala missionary) was a lot better for deep, cervix-kissing penetration as it slid in more smoothly without having to work against the curve. It just works.

I tested this toy out anally as well and that was where the wonderfully bendy, “conform to the insides” qualities really struck me. I’ve had difficulties with longer silicone anal toys, preciously because they were too solid and forced my body to bend to them rather than bending with my body. The Bandit doesn’t have this problem. Anally, I was also very thankful for the balls handle, which allowed me to get my first deep anal fucking going.


Care and Storage

Completely non-porous and able to be sterilized in a big pot of boiling water, this is still 100% silicone, despite its great density. That also means no silicone lube, only water-based lubes, or water-based anal if you plan on using it like that. Hot water and mild antibacterial soap can clean off a regular use, but sterilize it on a regular basis to keep it healthy and happy.

As a major lint collector, make sure to clean it before use and store it where lint can’t find it. Ziplock bags or even the original clear plastic box are good choices. Another reason to wash the toy before use is because it tends to get tacky in storage, a very uncomfortable and icky feeling.



Front on

While this is my personal favourite and I likely got very lucky and ordered the perfect one for my body, there are more than a dozen dildos made by Vixen with the same impeccable construction and Vixskin formula. If these particular dimensions don’t suit the size-queen in you, then Randy or the Outlaw might fit you better (both push past 2 inches in diameter). Sizing goes right down to the petite Spur (1.25 inches wide and less than 5 inches long). Keep in mind that the squishier something is, the easier it is to insert.

I think everyone needs some Vixskin in their life for their preferred orifice. Nay, everyone deserves Vixskin. The only downside is the price and when you consider the lifetime warranty and the money that would be saved if you’re more used to buying cheap rubber or jelly, which die within the year, then it really isn’t so much.


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  • Come Heather

    That is beautiful & may be the most realistic-looking dildo I’ve ever seen. I kinda want to snuggle it.

    • Elysium

      Aw, it’s such a great toy and so sweet, honestly. Very snuggle-worthy.

  • technoparaphilia

    Love the pictures where you’re squishing it. Great to give a good idea on its texture. Also, deeply silly.

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