MOVIE REVIEW: Writers & Rockstars

Runtime: 75mins

Year: 2008dvd_787125D1

Pairings: boy/girl, girl/girl

Safer Sex Barriers: No

Director: Madison Young

Acts: blowjob, rough vaginal fucking, toys, cunnilingus, fingering, candle wax, strap-on

Cast: Madison Young, Danny Wylde, Dia Zevra, Dylan Ryan, James Mogul

I can distinctly remember the very first thing I had ever seen Madison Young in. It was one of my very first “proper” porn movies. It was Training of O and she was with her partner, Master, and now-husband/father of their child James Mogul (who I had a disturbingly huge crush on at the time). It was 4 episodes of fairly hardcore BDSM training between a genuine D/s couple having hard sex, filled with chemistry and small gestures that reminded the viewer of their off-camera relationship.

That was when I fell in teenage love with Madison Young. I loved her in scenes and followed her work as a feminist, sex worker activist, and kink speaker and author. I still hold a special fondness for her.

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